This is no longer a company. This site is for my hobby as a photographer and filmmaking. If you like what I do, you can show your appreciation by following me on Instagram :).


I love to photograph in the morning, I like making small movies and flying with my drones.

Love being creative in my imagery.


Programs that I use:


Gopro studio

pinnacle studio


You can do a lot with a little creativity on a small budget.


JH Studio

The name actually comes from the world's smallest music studio.

But I kept it even when it came to photography and film.


I am an amateur, I do not earn money from this.

I do this because I have a passion for photography and film. I have participated in three Swedish cinematic film just to see how the pros work and for a fun experience. And I always trying to learn more and improve my photography.

Thank you for stopping by my website! :)